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I think I'm a person who was born to work with art and technology.

My early childhood as the son of a professional photographer father and a photo-colorist mother had a lasting influence on my life's work. I was encouraged to help in their endeavors both on location, in the studio and in the darkroom. I was taught to be an early adopter/adapter of technology as both my educational and avocational accomplishments revealed.

I have worked professionally as an artist since 1968. My first jobs were preparing finished art for offset lithography. Things like preparing color separations, assembling type repros, specifying screen resolutions, airbrush retouching of photographs, creating line art with pen and ink, assembling imposed page makeups, stripping negatives and creating masks for platemaking. This start in the world of large-scale commercial printing soon led to the next phase of my career, designing graphics for businesses ranging from small local ventures to multi-national Fortune 100 companies and regional and national government organizations. The highlights of that phase include serving as Art Director of two national publications, a design consultant to numerous international product and service companies and the U.S. Government and, broadening my scope to include the design of packaging, signing, exhibits and complex information delivery systems. Another strong influence during this period was my involvement in conceptual art projects in New York and Chicago that were coupled with nascent digital technology, communications philosophy and psychodynamics.

The highly technical nature of this design phase coalesced in 1984 with the adoption of the personal computer and software aimed at the design professions. Early digital works included vector and bitmap images in black-and-white, printed photostatically. At the same time, I took up painting in oil on canvas full-time, maintaining a part-time design practice and teaching. My agent got me into all kinds of shows in galleries, museums and alternative venues. In 1992, with my first color computer, I was able to begin creating truly fine art digitally. It wasn't until several years later with the improvement in printing technology that I was able to finally create lasting works of art with the computer, and in the large scale I had become accustomed to producing in oil on canvas. Galleries who had handled oil paintings were reluctant to take on digital printmaking as serious art that they could effectively sell to their patrons.

My aversion to rejection caused me to retreat to the safe haven of my studio and my teaching allowed me the luxury of creating art without selling it, a classic example of avoidance. Changes in the educational setting have forced me to reevaluate my focus and I have been 'forced' to overcome my reluctance to market and sell my own work. While gallery and agent representation can be an important part of an artist's career, financial exigencies dictate taking matters into my own hands.

So here I am, selling my digital imagery in Arts Festivals, Crafts shows, galleries, designer showrooms and, wherever else I can find a market. I enjoy the direct contact with my clientele and the unique commissions to which that often leads.

the artwork

These works are hand-rendered and crafted entirely in the digital medium. No photographs or work in another medium are used. They are printed on state-of-the-art archival paper using the latest in printing technology and museum quality materials and processes. They are on high-density sealed panels, protected with an ultraviolet inhibiting over-laminate and, backframed to stand off the wall.

I have been a digital artist since 1984, and creating this type of art since 1992. I am one of very few, if any, artists creating abstract non-representational artwork entirely in the digital medium. It has been recognized internationally. My eclectic style covers a wide range from landscape-like imagery to suggestions of the human form and manifests itself in varying palettes. I don't want to "get stuck" doing repetitious work but, do enjoy exploring subtle variations on a theme. An extensive archive of earlier digital and oil paintings can be seen on my GraphicTraphic website

Selected Exhibitions

2009 Juried Show, Indian Wells Arts Festival, Indian Wells, CA
2009 Juried Show, LaQuinta Arts Festival, LaQunta, CA
2009 Juried Show, Art Under The Umbrellas, La Quinta, CA
2008 Juried Show, Indian Wells Arts Festival, Indian Wells, CA
2008 Juried Show, LaQuinta Arts Festival, LaQunta, CA
2007 Juried Show, Sunset Beach Art Festival, Sunset Beach, CA
2007 Juried Show, Los Altos Arts Festival, LosAltos, CA
2006 SummerFest, Juried Show, Kirkland WA
2006 Juried Show, Los Altos Arts Festival, LosAltos, CA
2006 Juried Show, Sunset Beach Art Festival, Sunset Beach, CA
2006 Juried Show, Indian Wells Arts Festival, Indian Wells, CA
2006 Juried Show, Carefree ArtFestival, Carefree Arizona
2005 SummerFest, Juried Show, Kirkland WA
2005 Juried Show, Edmonds Arts Festival, Edmonds, WA
2005 Began representation by Primary Elements Gallery,
Cannon Beach, Oregon
2005 Juried Show, Los Altos Arts Festival, LosAltos, CA
2005 Juried Show, LaQuinta Arts Festival, LaQuinta, CA
2005 Juried Show, Carefree ArtFestival, Carefree, Arizona


Best of the Northwest, Seattle

2000 Began representation by Robert Allen Fine Arts,
San Francisco, CA


Invitational Exhibits, Art Institute of Seattle


"Stormy Waters", Glasgow, Scotland

Solo show, Galleria, Seattle


Group show, Grover-Thurston, Seattle

"Handshake", Berlin, Germany


Solo show, Louise Matzke Gallery, Mercer Island, WA

Solo show, Hunt-Ellsworth, Seattle


"Verao '92", Galeria Municipal, Montemor-O-Novo, Portugal

"Regency Terrace", inaugural presentation of landmark
residential design project by noted architect Roger Newell,
Mercer Island, WA

Solo show, Jackson Street Gallery, Seattle

Group show, Burnley-Blume Gallery, Seattle


Solo and group shows, J.J.McKenzie Gallery, Seattle

Group show, Wing Luke Asian Museum, Seattle


Group show, J.J.McKenzie Gallery, Seattle


Solo show, Mahlum&Nordfors, Seattle


Group show, Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, WA

Group show, Lightworks Gallery, Seatle


Invitational exhibit, Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle

Began representation by Seattle Art Museum Rental-Sales Gallery, Seattle, WA


Invitational exhibit, Frye Museum, Seattle


"Spatially Oriented Neural Image Systems", installation,

Governors State University, University Park, Illinois


"New York Free Transit", conceptual documentary,
New York, NY


"Experiments in Art and Technology", colaborative events and installations, Seattle and Bellevue, WA


Inaugural exhibit, Bellevue Arts and Crafts Exhibition,
Bellevue, WA

Selected Awards

2009 Second Place 2-D Art, Indian Wells Arts Festival, Indian Wells, CA
2008 Second Place 2-D Art, Indian Wells Arts Festival, Indian Wells, CA
2006 First Place 2-D Art, Indian Wells Arts Festival, Indian Wells, CA


Juror's Award, Renton Arts Association, Renton, WA


Best of Show, Anacortes Arts Exhibition, Anacortes, WA


Bronze Award, Outstanding Package Design, National
Association of container Distributors


Drummer Award, Most Memorable Exhibit Design, National Association of Home Builders


Outstanding Educational Publication Design,
Association of College Communicators


First Prize Painting, Bellevue Arts and Crafts Association


2004 Juror, professional design competition,
Society of Technical Communicators
2003 Industry Partner, American Society of Interior Designers
2002-04 Industry Advisory Committee, Interactive Media Program
Highline Community College, Federal Way, WA


Juror, Annual Fine Arts Exhibit.
Peninsula Arts Association, Shelton, WA


Juror, professional design competition,
Society of Technical Communicators


Juror, software interface design competition,
Society of Technical Communicators


Juror, corporate art exhibit, US West


Juror, Edmonds Arts and Crafts Exhibit, Edmonds, WA


Juror, Shorecrest Arts Exhibit, Seattle


Adjunct Faculty, Cornish College of The Arts


Adjunct Faculty, Art Institute of Seattle


Adjunct Faculty, International Academy of Design & Technology

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